Tours around the Far North



Seeing the magical beauty of the Russian Polar region is a dream of many people. The easiest way to fulfill this dream is to start the exploration from the city of Murmansk situated in the Kola Peninsula – an area of diverse relief and many adventures on offer. Among them are trips to the northern tundra, to coastal fjords and up to the mountain peaks. The climate also allows you to do winter and extreme tourism there. It’s very easy to get here - just take a plain or a train from the centre of Russia to the city of Murmansk and the Arctic Freedom guides will take care of everything else. They organize up to four-day tours for you to see the most interesting places of this wonderful region.
Those who like to have some extreme in their lives will be interested in riding on a inflatable Banana boat or a snowmobile as well as in taking rides on a real reindeer sleigh. Most of the eventful day trips are done in winter, which lasts in Murmansk from October to April. The reason is that only in winter traveling in a warm minibus, you can ride a snowmobile, see the Northern Lights and feed a deer. If you want to book tours around the Kola Peninsula, call the Arctic Freedom agency. Consultants of the company will answer any of your questions.
It is possible to order tours with individual programs.
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